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Our Financial Services division, with over 10 years industry experience, is Rubicon’s fastest growing division with finance and accountancy at its core

We are specialists and as such, we know financial services encompasses a broad range of businesses that manage money. Contrary to popular belief accountancy and finance are not one and the same – accountancy covers the provision and analysis of information for a whole range of purposes within business, while finance is concerned directly with the management of monetary fund.

Employment opportunities in this sector can be grouped into the following:

Accounting - This covers financial accountants who are responsible for managing and reporting a business's accounts and managerial accountants who perform functions on behalf of the company itself. Roles are available with firms of all sizes, as well as not-for-profit organisations. 

Banking and finance - The sector's biggest employers, banks and building societies enable individuals and businesses to manage their money and access products such as loans, mortgages and insurance.

Financial planning - Jobs focus on the provision of advisory services, and support people and organisations looking to plan their financial futures.

Insurance - Employees in this area work closely with other professionals, including doctors, lawyers and fire officers, to gather evidence, assess risk and resolve claims against insurance policies.

Investments and pensions - Professionals research the likely performance of funds and look to mitigate financial risk and liability for their clients, with the key functions of investment companies including performance measurement, investment support, risk assessment, data management, and trading and stockbroking.

Tax - Often regarded as a subset of accounting, tax specialists can either work as advisers to their employer's clients or take up governmental positions.

We support companies and organisations in recruiting both qualified and non-qualified accounting and finance employees. We provide roles ranging from analyst to director level.

The main areas we provide roles for currently are as follows:

•         Accounts Assistant
•         Financial Accountant 
•         Management Accountant 
•         Legal Entity Controller 
•         Product Controller 
•         Finance Business Partner
•         FP&A Analyst 
•         Finance Manager 
•         Financial Controller 
•         Finance Director 
•         Head of Commercial Finance 
•         CFO

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